Personal and Open Source

I am the creator of several open source projects that are hopefully useful to people.

  • The Estimation Checklist - a checklist to asist with doing estimation
  • Tech Terms Anki Deck - A project for helping students and non-developers to get oriented in the terminology of tech. This is used as part of the curriculum in several courses and study groups. Blog Post, Podcast
  • gimgen - a library for using javascript generators for functional reactive programming
  • persistState Widget - is a little jquery widget that will store the state of html widgets in localstorage and restore it on next page visit
  • simple-modules - is a javascript module system micro-library to help messy brownfield projects transition to cleaner code
  • ApprovalTests.BetterPdfVerification - is a set of approvers for the .Net version of the amazing ApprovalTests assertion framework. It makes approving of pdf files actually work as it normalizes out inconsistencies such as timestamps and auto generated ids.
  • Oaf.DeploymentInfo - is a nuget package that will automatically embed information on your deployment into your project
  • thee - a micro-library to shift this in javascript to a regular parameter.
  • log4net.GrowlAppender - is a simple .Net library that will direct log4net messages to a locally running Growl instance
  • A bunch of nuget packages
  • Some npm packages

I used to co-host the weekly Virtual Brown Bag meetup. Feel free to watch the back episodes and keep an eye out for new ones.

I also dabble in software security, virtual reality, and IoT programming


I have done many contracts, shorter fill-in projects, and projects with companies that are lost to time I chose to list here the ones that I’ve worked on for a significant amount of time and that shaped my professional career

  • Surge Ops
    • I was lead dev and an informal product manager on our skunkworks providing software for running our internal business operations. This was a microservices platform used for project tracking, staffing request tracking, skill tracking, and a candidate management + interviewing system used for thousands of people for critical business operations. Tech used: ReactJs, NodeJs, Docker, Python, Grpc, .Net, VueJs
  • Meazure2
    • Lead dev and informal product manager on a fully-featured and white-label time-tracking and invoicing application.
  • AppleHms
    • Web-based application to operate a medical supplier’s business including ordering, inventory, patient management, and billing.
  • OGRE
    • Web-based IDE to enable business consultants to design and end-users to generate data-driven, parametrized presentation-style slide reports in Html and exportable to Pdf and Powerpoint.
  • Broan Testing
    • Desktop application to support testing of new oven-hood designs by analyzing video for percentage of smoke captured.
  • Erwin Penland - Dynamic Builder Suite
    • Dynamic Web Builder
      • White-label software to manage generation of advertising assets (eg, mailings, posters, flyers) by configuring InDesign templates including complex management-approval and form-building workflows.
    • Presentation Builder
      • White-label software to manage generation of Powerpoint and html presentations from templates. This could be used stand-alone or as a SaaS model.
    • Bill Manager
      • White-label software to manage mailings by correlating specially formatted InDesign files with a matrix of rules to generate assets.
  • SpecimenTrack
    • A bio-repository management system including workflow, volume, and chain-of-custody tracking.
  • BioRad EQUAS Mobile
    • A fully mobile web application for operating check-in and scheduling for a medical diagnostics lab.
  • Player Tracker
    • A web-based application for Verizon Wireless to manage endorsement deals with professional athletes.
  • Applied Innovations
    • A .Net-based update of a highly configurable Foxpro application to monitor and control pipeline-cleansing utilities.
  • Edc2
    • Web-based software to run Westway Group’s liquid-storage terminal operations.
  • Driver Interface
    • A highly configurable windows desktop-based UI for interoperating with and controlling shipping containers and trucks at terminals
  • Armante Furniture
    • I worked under contract and implemented a full furniture store website with categorized, searchable, and browse-able products.
  • Mudbug Media - Intern
    • While at Mudbug I worked on a variety of projects in Php and Asp building out features in applications for medical providers, professional registries, and more.
  • Thesis - SEGWORK
    • Working with advisor Dr Bill Buckles under a missle defense research grant, I did research in distinguishing land from soil and buildings from their surroundings via LIDAR overhead data. While this was of limited success, for my thesis I produced a framework for doing image segmentation using Matlab.

Thanks and more


Certain projects sponsored in part by the Louisina Office of Economic Development.