Some self-indulgence from the nolatech chat

Some self-indulgence form the nolatech chat room.

(10:40:26 PM) avance: @joeellis_jk_its_joel: Is a "functional alcoholic" better than an object-oriented one?
(10:42:14 PM) georgemauer: worse, a functional alcoholic is immutable, you can't get him to stay quiet
(10:42:40 PM) avance: ha
(10:43:29 PM) georgemauer: and if we're doing jokes on this, I got another groaner: Where does a functional alcoholic drink?
(10:43:34 PM) georgemauer: at Moe-nads bar
(10:44:09 PM) joeellis_jk_its_joel: /kick
(10:45:04 PM) georgemauer: but hey, at least you know a functional alcoholic won't move to your state
(10:45:12 PM) georgemauer: ooooh! hat trick!
(10:46:10 PM) avance: but a parent who is an object-oriented alcoholic will blow your inheritance 
(10:46:34 PM) georgemauer: we're on fire!
(10:46:51 PM) georgemauer: that's the thing with functional alcoholics, no class
(10:47:02 PM) avance: nola developers: combining booze and code since 2008
(10:47:22 PM) avance: that's when nola got computers right?
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