The heck is gimgen?

As explained in the README, gimgen is a tiny, simple library for inverting the flow of a javascript program and allowing you to use basic javascript constructs to work in an reactive style. It also enables support for coroutines and a innovative way of creating function decorators.

So what can you do with it?

Notifications System
for an example of how to use gimgen to script chains of events in a timeline
Drag and drop
a demo of how gimgen can allow you to consume dom events while toggling between states
Drag and drop with target
use gimgen to create reactive state machines
Ping pong
show how to use gimgen to control event flows and create coroutines to create a simple game on top of virtual-dom
Function decoration
demonstrate how to use invokableGimgen helper to create function decorators like throttle and debounce
Fleeing box
Further examples of how to use gimgen to create coroutines that can compose easily into complex actors
Demo of using this with actors